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News 2019

October 2019

Capacity building workshop, October 2019

In October 2019, Ubumi Prisons Initiative invited four NGO partner organizations for a capacity-building workshop at Fringilla Lodge. The aim of the workshop was to support and qualify the prison work of the NGOs related to implementing and monitoring of the Ubumi Model – a model developed by Ubumi Prisons Initiative which forms the basis of the activities and way of working in prisons, focusing on ‘help for self-help’ and volunteerism.

The workshop focused on knowledge sharing within different areas relevant to a prison context and the Ubumi Model, such as human rights, HIV/AIDS, nutrition and mental health, and more specifically on the implementation and monitoring of activities related to the Ubumi Model. Throughout the workshop, focus was also on group discussions either in plenum or in smaller groups to discuss experiences and challenges with the prison work and the Ubumi Model and to facilitate a closer future collaboration between the NGOs.

In the evaluation of the workshop, all participants expressed that they felt much more equipped to work with the implementation and monitoring of the activities related to the Ubumi Model in the prisons. Also, they expressed that they had become more aware of each other’s competencies for future collaboration and agreed to move forward together in the advocacy work for the prisons.

March 2019

Ubumi makes a major difference - lives saved and conditions in Zambian prisons improved

Ubumi has just released its annual report for 2018. It documents major achievements in terms of health improvements for

inmates and their children.

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Total inmate population in Zambia (estimated daily number)                                                                     22,000
Number of inmates assisted with improved hygiene and safe drinking water (estimated daily number)             9,130
Number of seriously ill male patients assisted with care and nutrition                                                              718
Number of seriously ill female patients assisted with care and nutrition                                                             41
Number of patients treated for diarrheoa                                                                                                   1,137
Patients treated with vitamin supplement (various kinds depending on need)                                                 5,798
Number of inmates and juveniles dewormed                                                                                               6,017
Number of juveniles supported in total (nutrition, schooling, and/or activities)                                                1,013
Number of juveniles receiving food every day                                                                                                433
Number of circumstantial children cared for (with food, play areas, training of mothers)                                      81
Number of inmates receiving IT-education                                                                                                    230
Number of female and male inmates, correctional staff and government employees receiving nutrition and

cooking training                                                                                                                                         292

Annual Report 2018

March 2019

February 2019

Ubumi is shipping a container to Zambia

Ubumi is sending a 40 ft container to Zambia with a lot of much needed items for the prisoners. Genbrug til Syd (Recycling for the South) is financing the container transport with mattresses, hospital beds, more than 30 computers for IT-workshops, medical equipment (thermometers, otoscopes, needles, scissors, forceps, suture packages, gloves, masks, uniforms). We are also sending colostomy equipment for the relevant patients, footballs - mostly for the young inmates - soap, crutches, wheelchairs, tables, chairs and blankets. There will also be two ovens for baking projects and three freezers for our fish projects (where freezing of the fish is necessary), and a lot of other good things.

The items will be distributed between our 12 prisons and the health clinics in - or affiliated to - the prisons. With every container transport we prioritize one or two prisons, to strategically strengthen the equipment level for each prison. For instance, we will deliver all the mattresses from the present container to two specific prisons, which will make a world of difference to the prisoners who are used to no - or extremely unhygienic – mattresses.

Ubumi opens health clinic in Chipata

The health clinic in Chipata Correctional Facility was officially opened 1st of February 2019. Now more than 1000 people will have access to healthcare personnel and services every day, and they can even be admitted, when needed. Inmates, children and adults, suffer enormously when they get sick and have no access to health care.

The opening was celebrated with a festive reception with dancing and speeches by Regional Commander Moses Zulu and Exetutive Director of Ubumi Anne Egelund. All inmates were given a piece of soap to boost hygiene in the prison. The Health Clinic is just one initiative among many to improve living conditions in Chipata Correctional Facility. Ubumi has, in cooperation with local partners, among other things renovated the kitchen, established a playing room, educational facilities and a mini-library for the children, established a fish lake, IT-workshops, installed a water pump, launched chicken and pig projects, and not least large vegetable gardens for the benefit of the children and the sick.

It was a festive day, where the inmates celebrated their new clinic. In her speech, the Director of Ubumi stressed that all inmates have the right to good health and access to health care services.

January 2019

Ubumi launches mental health project

Mental illness and severe stress are widespread in prisons all over the world. Many of the mentally ill live on the edge of society and end up in prison due to inadequate capacity in the health care systems.

In January 2019 Ubumi launched a mental health project, supported by Danida (CISU). Health care personnel and volunteers among inmates will be educated in mental health issues. We have two specialists affiliated to the project, who will not only educate personnel but will also treat patients. We will also conduct a systematic mapping of the area in cooperation with the doctors, a human rights expert, and our own researcher and Director of Ubumi, Anne Egelund. We will also implement psycho-social interventions in cooperation with volunteer inmates who want to make a positive difference for others.