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The Board

The Board

Jette Egelund has been employed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA) in Copenhagen for 25 years, and the European Commission She has worked as an independent consultant.

Multilateral and bilateral development cooperation (political, financial and social) has been her main field of work since 1982. Key areas of her working experience have been the development banks, the UN , social development, human rights including gender, trafficking and issues in relation to prisons.

Geographically she has covered South Asia, Africa and the Caucasus. She is an Election Observer for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Red Cross volunteer (refugee children). She has been a lecturer at Danish Institute for Study Abroad, DIS, Copenhagen at a master’s level course: Trafficking and Prostitution in Europe.

Lisa Lund Holst (stand in)

Lisa’s educational background is in Russian language, Supply Chain Management and Leadership. Her work experience includes one year working for the Danish Embassy in Moscow, Russia and seventeen years working in the financial sector, since 2007 in various leadership positions focusing on facilitating board and executive level decision-making and strategy formulation. Lisa is passionate about leadership and has worked extensively with cross-functional high performance teams, change leadership and corporate culture initiatives. Lisa says of her involvement in Ubumi:

I am on the Ubumi board, because it is important to me to work for poor people’s right to a dignified life and to help them know their rights. Ubumi provides an opportunity to contribute to inmates getting urgent and life-saving assistance as well as helping to improve their life choice possibilities after prison.


Working for Ubumi provides the possibility of supporting an initiative that is groundbreaking in terms of embedding a sustainable change via a unique set of cooperative leadership practices involving inmates and prison officials alike in an efficient and dignified manner.  Ultimately, Ubumi Prisons Initiative not only makes a positive difference in the lives of thousands of inmates every day, it also has the potential to improve the efficiency and sustainability of other change initiatives in developing countries through its unique leadership practices.

Ida Thyregod is Head of Executive Office, Care International

"For the past 10 years, I have been working with the UN and international non-governmental organisations at country and headquarter level. Throughout my career, I have had a passion for helping the most vulnerable. I currently head the executive office in Plan International, a child rights organisation striving for a just world that advances children's rights and equality for girls.

I have lived and worked in UK, USA, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Mozambique and Venezuela.


I live in London with my husband and three boys."

Mette Lund Sørensen's educational background is in international development studies and natural resources management with a focus on small-holder agriculture.Her work experience includes seven years of assignments as a freelancer in Malawi, including working for the Danish Embassy and as a country representative for DanChurchAid, working with Africa-based projects for the LO/FTF Council (the Danish trade unions’ development wing) and for Danida Fellowship Centre in Denmark. Mette has worked as a senior adviser for DanChurchAid since 2004 focusing on policy formulation, method development and quality assurance in agriculture. Apart from providing technical assistance to countries in Africa and Asia, she also works with right to food and food security and facilitates Theory of Change processes in country programming.

Mette says of her involvement in Ubumi: "I am on the Ubumi board, because it is important to me to work for poor people’s right to a dignified life and to help them know their rights. Ubumi provides an opportunity to contribute to inmates getting urgent and life-saving assistance as well as helping to improve their lives inside and outside of prison in the longer term. Working for Ubumi provides the possibility of supporting the active and efficient involvement of inmates, - a group of people who are particularly vulnerable and prone to be left behind - and hereby supporting a positive development for them as individuals, for society in general and as a contribution to the fulfilment of the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)".

Mette Raffo is an educated nurse and is currently studying a master's degree in nursing science at Aarhus University. Mette has 18 years of experience from the Danish health service in the areas of emergency room, cancer treatment, intensive care and nursing in the primary sector. Mette has a particular interest in wound care, medicine, nutrition, health promotion and prevention. Mette has extensive experience in organizational work, guidance and education of nurses.

Mette says about her involvement in Ubumi: "I want to contribute with a health science perspective on Ubumi's work in Africa. It is important to give the most vulnerable a voice and I think that is a core part of Ubumi's work. I also hope to contribute with my professional skills, both in a broad perspective and in individual cases. To promote the health of the prisoners, I regard Ubumi's most important task to prevent avoidable deaths and diseases through information and services".

Birgitte Poulsen (stand in)

Independent within development with more than 20 years of experience in developing countries in Africa and Asia, especially within child protection, eradication of child labour, forced labour and trafficking (our days' slavery).

Birgitte has much experience working with huma rights and strategy policies with authorities, INGOs, NGOs and CBOs.

Birgitte has been with Ubumi since 2013.